Like all creative professions, being a developer is a largely about experimentation and adaptation. That’s why professionals often say that knowing what questions to ask is the most important tool for a developer. We empower our students for life as a professional developer by making sure they understanding why computers and code work the way they do, so asking the right questions and adapting to challenges come naturally.

Code Camp Leipzig’s 3 month course is Full-Time, meaning students will spend normal working hours learning with our instructors through hands on exercises and collaborating with fellow students on a large project spanning the duration of the camp. Our team isn’t only made of coders though, experienced educators who have studied how people learn are at the core of our curriculum development.

While instructors guide students through our course, the rest of the team is hard at work making sure a job is waiting on the other side. Take a look at the companies currently hiring through Code Camp Leipzig.


Want to get involved with Code Camp Leipzig?


We believe experimentation is the best way to learn and improve, so we’re testing each lesson from our 3 month course this Spring and Summer. If you’d like to help us improve and pick up some skills in the along the way, tell us more about yourself and we’ll do our best to get you in a class.

Feeling jittery about all this professional developer talk? Our instructors and pros from local companies will break down the reality of their careers in a panel covering their journeys, experiences and challenges. You can find us and other great stories at Startup Safari, Leipzig’s startup festival.

Applications for Code Camp Leipzig’s 3 month, Full-Time course will open soon.

NOTE: We will take into account personality, drive and other intangibles as much technical competency. Don’t be shy!