What we’re building

At Code Camp Leipzig, we believe learning should be fun and explorative, that it should take us to new places and be ultimately rewarding. We honor that belief by designing courses that are human-centered, hands on and relevant. Our Full-Time Web Development course is the first step in that mission, a training program designed to educate, support and guide individuals with little or no coding experience to become junior web developers in 3 months.

In this short time, we expect students to gain a foundation of knowledge that empowers self learning and problem solving as well as workplace best practices. Our camp concludes with an internship with partner companies in order to provide more relevant learning experience and to begin developing relationships between candidates and employers.

Want to learn code? Learn more about our 3 Month, Full-Time training program.

Planning to add new talent? Does your current workforce need new skills? Learn how our jr. developer course and custom modules for professionals can help.

Curious about what our 3 month course looks like? Take a look at our modules, goals and structure.

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